Fascinators, Bentleys, and Polo at The Milestone…Oh My

Kate Middleton is arguably one of the biggest fashion icons to come out of England in recent years. She made the Fascinator a household name and gave every bride in the world a run for her money when it came to dress choice. The Milestone Hotel in London has embraced the worlds found fetish for British fashion and lifestyle by creating the “Horses, Hats, and High Society” Package. Available from June 1st through June 23rd, Guests will have the opportunity to plan an entire weekend around a favored British pastime, Polo. The Milestone will provide a one on one consultation with Louis Mariiette, whose hats have been sported by the likes of Jerry Hall and Lady Gaga. The style doesn’t end there. The Milestone will provide a chauffeured Bentley for you, to and from the match. Visit The Milestone website for further details, and who knows…you might find yourself comparing fashion notes with Kate herself.

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